The Brazilian scientific diaspora in Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia is numerous and diverse.

Learn more about some of the members of the diaspora in the videos below, which are part of the webseries “Sapiência BR”, produced by the Federal University of São Carlos (USFCAR), in Brazil:


Iná Eugenio Noronha Maia
Environmental engineer, she has been working in the area of energy efficiency in buildings and is now doing  her PhD at the Technical University of Vienna, in Austria.
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Nancy Stralis Pavese

Head of the Bioinformatics Laboratory at the  University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), in  Vienna.

Fatima Ferreira

Professor in the Department of Biosciences at the University of Salzburg, in Austria, where she coordinates researches focused on allergies. Her group, at the Allergy Cancer BioNano Research Centre (ACBN), addresses principles of the onset of allergies in individuals and develops diagnostic tests and new vaccines for the treatment of allergic diseases.

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Patricia Galli

Researcher in Austrian institutions and post-doctoral student in History of Science and Science Education in Portugal. Her main research works with unpublished material from Brazilian ethnographic collections found in museums and archives in Austria.

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Vanessa Di Lego

Researcher at the Institute of Demography in Vienna, Austria. Her area of expertise within Demography is mortality, and her main research seeks to understand differences in life span and health characteristics between men and women, focusing on a phenomenon known as the gender paradox.

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Diogo Miranda

Physician trained in Slovakia,  is now specializing in Internal Medicine at the University Hospital of Bratislava. He is also a PhD candidate in the same area at Comenius University, in Slovakia.  

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Maria Ângela de Barros Correia Menezes

Researcher and professor at the Center for Development of Nuclear Technology (CDTN), in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, linked to the National Commission of Nuclear Energy (CNEN).

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Sapiência BR is produced through the partnership between the Open Interactivity Laboratory for the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge (LAbI – and the Embassies of Brazil around the world. The series presents the work and trajectory of Brazilians in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation abroad, focusing on bridge-building between ecosystems.
You can check all the videos of the series in the ClickCiência UFSCar channel on YouTube.